At times we all experience stress, the reasons could be trivial to life-changing,  a deal falling through, things not going as planned, simply the alarm not going off and you are late to work or an extremely frustrating message from your boss! The next thing you do is mindlessly start eating or drinking the first available fizzy drink, a piece of chocolate or any snack that is easy to find.

It is very common to find comfort in food when our emotions are running high, you may tend to eat even when you don’t need it. It is known, that eating during stress is extremely common and also an unhealthy habit which needs to be controlled immediately.

You can overcome this habit in a few quick and easy steps.

  • Sit and Eat: sitting down and eating a properly balanced meal filled with the right amount of carbs, protein, fiber & fat helps keep your energy stable and provide the feeling of satisfaction that can help during stress. Enjoying a meal sitting down and focusing on the meal is an extremely smart way of letting your nerves settle too. It is also important to eat either three balanced meals during the day or smaller meals throughout.
  • Burn it off: turning towards burning off your calories is a great way to overcome stress, go for a walk or run, burn it off on the treadmill or swim a few laps, this will keep you occupied and take you away from finding comfort in food & help course your mind away from the issue too.
  • Food Box: Just like a first-aid kit, have a food box handy which contains snacks that will not hurt your healthy eating plan when stress hits and you are looking for something to dig in, healthy eating bars, baked snacks are some good options.
  • Connect to chat: social media often connects us well, however during these times it is important to connect with a friend or family member to talk and express face to face. Talking about issues generally helps with managing the situation better and remember it is ok to ask for help. Seeking professional help is advisable and important.

There are many other ways to handle stress and at times food can be a good resource, but it is extremely important that you eat the right food, I have often seen people experiencing the guilt of making poor food choices when circumstances change.

The most important thing is being compassionate about yourself, identifying the signs and seeking help from a professional counselor or your health advisor immediately.

NOTE: This article is a general guideline only, it is always important you seek expert guidance from a health professional to manage your individual requirement.

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