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I am often asked, how long will I take to lose weight and my response is ‘depends’, I know this is not a direct answer but that is the honest answer.
Weight loss depends on a lot of factors with primary being your calorie intake against calories burnt and having said, it is a bit more complex than how it sounds. There are multiple factors that come into play like gender, age, sleep patterns, metabolic rate, genetics, and medical condition.
An important aspect that affects weight loss is your own drive and persistence, adhering to well-defined diet plan and staying away from temptations is often not easy and these can impact your weight loss plans.
Diet plans can be extremely complex and could require an expert professional to consider your personal preference, health condition and the desired results before planning.
While most people hope for fast, rapid weight loss, it’s important that you don’t lose excess weight too quickly, as it could lead to other health complications.
On an average losing 500g to 1kg is considered an ideal target and this needs to be planned closely with a health professional like a Registered Dietitian.
It is equally important to remember that weight loss is not a given process which will produce results every time, there could be some weeks when you may lose more weight and some weeks where you do not lose any, the key here is to accept this and remain motivated and consistent with your approach.
If you are struggling with weight loss and need an expert intervention I am very keen to work with you and support you to succeed, just give me a call and we can start your success journey today.

NOTE: This article is a general guideline only, it is always important you seek expert guidance from a health professional to manage your individual requirement.

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