Are you someone who feels losing weight seems impossible? If yes, you are not the only one.

You may be watching your portion sizes, reducing carbs, watching calories, indulging in physical activity and yet your weight won’t move. This can be very frustrating.

There are several factors that can influence your ability to lose weight. Certain medical conditions like hypothyroidism, lipedema, etc.  can make losing weight extremely challenging and it is imperative to seek expert medical intervention and dietary guidance which will enable you to manage the condition and improve your overall health.

Along with medical conditions, aging can also influence your body’s ability to lose weight especially due to hormonal changes that occur with age. Genetics can also play an important part in an individual’s body weight, factors like the weight history of parents and/or mothers weight gain during pregnancy can be influential factors and impact your body weight. Along with these, cultural variances, eating habits and yo-yo diets can also impact your intent to weight loss.

Your overall efforts are often impacted by the above factors, however, it is important to remain persistent, seek professional advice, make the right efforts and continue to take steps that will overcome challenges and support your weight loss.

Although there can be challenges, the key to success remains in your ‘WHY’ and you can achieve success by making goals that are realistic, working with a professional advisor, watching your portion sizes, remaining active and tracking your progress, above all maintain your motivation by celebrating small successes. It is also important to recognize any and every improvement in your health rather than focusing only on the scale.

Remember it may not be easy, but it is possible, till next time Eat Right Be Healthy.
NOTE: This article is a general guideline only, it is always important you seek expert guidance from a health professional to manage your individual requirement.

Happy days!!!
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