Winter Weight gain!!!! – Is it a reality?

Weight gain during winter months is not just a myth. It has been observed that people gain a couple of kilos during winter months. Of the few biggest challenges in keeping our weight down during winter, one is lack of physical activity followed by comfort eating.

Shorter days, unfriendly weather and the lack of motivation makes it difficult to indulge in regular outdoor activities, since one is not actively involved in outdoor activities, this poses a gap in our life which one tends to fill with either indulging in extra food and / or leading a more sedentary lifestyle like watching television or surfing the net.

Depression is quite common during winter period, as the days are shorter and darkness creeps in earlier, most of us indulge in overeating while some suffer from sleep disorders too. This leads to making bad food choices which are high in fat and sugar which although gives an instant energy boost but leads to weight gain that has a lasting impact.

The best way to beat this is to keep an eye on your own lifestyle. Being active is a good way of keeping the weight from creeping on. Joining the local gym is a good idea; look out for deals and packages that suit your budget and lifestyle. Most indoor pools are heated; swimming is a good way to exercise. Badminton, netball or squash are some other options too. Indoor activities are fun and can have a positive impact on your efforts.

When the weather is suitable, going for a walk or a run is another good option, wear appropriate clothes to keep yourself warm and dry. The bottom line is being active.

Another key area to watch out for is our food intake. Vegetables are low in energy, high in water content and fibre, which fill us up quickly and provide us the essential vitamins and minerals too. Eat veggies like cauliflower, brussels sprouts, carrots,
capsicum, cherry tomatoes etc – fresh, frozen, canned doesn’t matter. Use low fat dips to make them more palatable. Add nuts and seeds to your snacks, these will provide the good fats and protein to your diet.

Most of us tend to turn to alcohol to keep warm, control your alcohol intake. A warm cup of coffee or hot tea helps keep away the chill, be mindful of the calories in them and choose trim milk as an option. Drink plenty of water.

Modern day inventions have made it simpler for us to handle the cold weather better than our predecessors, so we have no reason to add those unwanted kilos during the colder months and then struggle to get them off during summer. Beat the winter blues by following the three ‘E’s’ – Eat right, Exercise well….. Enjoy the chill, till next time…take care and good luck.

This article is a general guideline ONLY, if you have any medical condition and for individual conditions you should consult a health professional or your medical practitioner immediately.

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