What’s your resolution?

It’s a new year, a new start – it is again that time of year when everyone makes promises to themselves and if sources from the World Wide Web can be relied on, then losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions among women and men.

Making New Year’s resolution that last, requires a smarter approach. Although the desire for this year may be strong, if we assess in hindsight and realise that the past New Year’s resolutions haven’t delivered the results, then we need to re-visit the basics.

We may have all the means and tools to succeed but like most of us we need to find way through obstacles to attain success, if we continue to work the same way without changing anything then we are deemed to attain the same outcomes.

We’re well into the New Year, too often we set resolutions in a few moments rather than giving the process the serious thought that it deserves. We need to set goals and plan ahead to generate the kind of important changes we are looking for, we must learn from the past, identify priorities and then focus in a way that our goals are achieved.

If weight loss is your resolution this year let us identify some areas of focus and I will endeavour to write on these areas in depth through the year which could provide the additional support that will assist in meeting your goal.

Get it right – Eat the right food in the right quantity. Eat a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, meats and milk products as required by your body. Learn to read food labels. Seek professional advise where needed.

Colour it up – Reach for colours when shopping at the super market. Add as much colour to your plate as possible, get you kids involved by assigning colours to days and remember five+ a day is great. Try and add a new fruit or a new vegetable to your menu.

Chuck it out – mindless munching cause’s damage, chuck this habit out. Avoid getting distracted while eating i.e. television, as you could lose track. It is also important to overcome temptations – ice-creams, chips and sweets are treat foods.

Team Up – Find a mate who shares the same resolution as you and team up, go for a jog or hit the gym together, share ideas and draw on each others successes for motivation.

Pump it up – Get yourself moving; plan a physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week. A long walk, run, bike or hitting the gym – it all counts
Resolve to make small resolutions to achieve your big New Year resolution of winning the battle against the bulge.

Till next time be healthy and eat healthy.

This article is a general guideline ONLY, if you have any medical condition and for individual conditions you should consult a health professional or your medical practitioner immediately.

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