What a Start

Each morning, when you are racing against time, splitting it between dressing up, getting your kids ready, packing lunch boxes only to realise that you are running late to hit the road, there is a good chance that you are missing something that is essential for a great start to your day – The Breakfast!!!

Well, missing it could have a long lasting impact on your performance for the day and when this becomes a routine then a greater impact on your health for a life time.

Breakfast literally means – Breaking the fast. Generally most of us do not indulge in any eating after dinner or a late snack before sleeping, so breakfast is needed to provide the essential fuel for our body.

Breakfast is an important meal of the day; it provides you the required energy needed to start a new day and is also linked to multiple health benefits, including weight control and improved performance. A nutritionally balanced breakfast is known to improve concentration level and performance throughout the day and improve your endurance level to engage in physical activities. This can be important for all age groups especially amongst children and adolescents.

In my previous articles, I have always emphasised on the importance of having a balanced diet, spread across the day, it is ideal to have between five to six small meals during the day with breakfast an essential start, as people who skip breakfast tend to end up eating more at mid day, at times making choices which may not be healthy.

It is essential that we make good choices; breakfast should be a healthy mix of carbohydrates like whole grain options, a protein option like yoghurt or egg, milk or some nuts. The right balance can keep away the hunger pangs till your next meal.

So the question then arises – what should I eat?

High energy dense options like muffins should be avoided, a large coffee and muffin can add as much as up to 350 or more calories, many of the advertised breakfast bars are actually nothing but creepy content that may not be ideal to start your day, remember to read your labels.
Cereals that are available in the market can be high in sugars and low in fibre; it is better to keep these at an arm’s length. Ideally we should be eating foods like whole grain breads, cereals or rolled oats that are rich in fibre and low in sugars, low fat dairy for protein or eggs.

If running out of time, make up a healthy smoothie with few fruits, yoghurt or milk and some oats which can be left in the fridge overnight, this can be better than picking up a muffin or a sweet pancake on your way to work.
Having the same old breakfast each day can be boring, but with a bit of creativity you can make this very interesting, while maintaining its nutritional content.

Invest a little planning time to gain the big benefits of breakfast, Add breakfast items to your shopping list so your kitchen is well-stocked.

Have a great start each day!!!

This article is a general guideline ONLY, if you have any medical condition and for individual conditions you should consult a health professional or your medical practitioner immediately.

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