The Right Step

The Right Step

Recently I met Rachel [name changed] who has been my client in the past and still continues to follow me through my emails and blogs. Rachel has managed to keep off all the weight she had successfully lost and she mentioned something which I thought would be beneficial to this group, I have spoken about this many time in the past but another reminder never hurts.

Rachel reminded me of my suggestion to leave her car at least a couple of blocks away and walk to work and beyond, Rachel mentioned that she has continued that as a practice when she goes to work, she has been doing this diligently for the past three years and has also inspired her work colleagues to do the same and  now together they walk to work leaving their cars a few blocks away every time [weather permitting], this has not only helped her and her colleagues to incorporate additional steps in their daily routine but also save some $$$ by way of free off street parking, a perfect win-win.

This is just one of the ideas, the good news is that there are many such simple steps that you too can incorporate in your daily routine and many baby steps which you can take to influence your daily habits. These steps require minimal effort and when practiced consistently can positively impact your health.

So, tell me what are some simple ideas that you can add as baby steps to your practice which will positively impact your well-being intent. If you need ideas you can connect with me


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