Target FAT !

’Can I just reduce my waist or thighs? ‘’

This is a mandatory question during most of my preliminary interactions with clients and my simple answer to the question is ‘No’.

Now do not get disheartened, although the initial response is not a favorable one, a positive answer to the question is not completely ruled out. It may be possible through alternative methods, but the natural process never seems too realistic. When you lose weight, you tend to lose throughout your body and this is the right and the most rational way to do so.

So how can I lose fat?

Fat that we generally carry around us is directly related to our gender and / or genetics. Primarily, women carry their excess body fat either on the buttocks, thighs, breasts or around the belly area and hence are commonly referred as ‘pear shaped’ whilst men are more prone to being ‘’apple shaped’ carrying excess fat around their stomachs, which also leads to an increased risk factor for chronic disease among men. This does not rule out women being at risk to any such chronic ailments caused due to excess fat deposits on their bodies.

The formula to understand how fat loss occurs is pretty simple; ‘Your daily energy expenditure should exceed your daily energy intake’ this theoretically leads to weight loss. Although it is simple, this formula in reality seems relatively complicated as it is hard to achieve, however the key lies in overcoming the barriers such as controlling your mind and changing your approach towards your body image.

But, is Spot Reduction Possible?

The key to success lies in losing your overall body fat. You could come across people who may appear to be successful with their targeted efforts; however the reality is that it could be a combination of balanced food and focused exercise which may have earned them the result.

Ideally, one should focus on conditioning their full body for an overall fat loss and should use a balanced approach towards weight loss.

During the weight loss process, the focus should be on identifying and banking any positive changes that is experienced. Even a small reduction in your weight can make you feel healthier; loss in inches or a drop in dress size is another good indication of fat loss and / or muscle gain, although at times this might not reflect on your scales.

Ideal weight loss is achieved through a combination of both diet and exercise and it is very important to understand there is no ‘Quick fix’. The efforts should be consistent and should form as a way of lifestyle rather than a ‘to be done’ effort.

Remember you body picks up signals, it can sense when you feel stressed and it does trigger hormones that can create an urge to eat, it is important that you accept the process of weight loss as a challenge where the result can only be one…’Your victory over the bulge’

Till next time….eat Right, stay calm and work it out…

This article is a general guideline ONLY, if you have any medical condition and for individual conditions you should consult a health professional or your medical practitioner immediately.

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