DietRight works 'with' you to bring about the 'change' in YOU and offer:

STEPS (45 Min.)

At DIETRIGHT we understand the importance of being active NOW, keeping this in mind we have initiated our new service STEPS
A service To encourage Physical Stimulation. Our Dietitian meets you at a designated location and takes you on a walk while you talk.

Right Start (15 Min.)

This is a quick catch-up session with our Dietitian to see how we can support your endeavor.
During this session our Dietitian will identify your needs and recommend a path that is most appropriate for you.

Over To You (45 Min.)

DIETRIGHT acknowledges you are busy and comprehend your need to focus on consultation without the additional compression of transport.
We extend consultations at a mutually convenient location and time. Weekend and Web Consultations can also be considered for your convenience.

Right Fix (30 Min.)

This session is generally a follow-up session approximately 2-4 weeks after the RIGHT ONE session. During this session our Dietitian will review your progress and amend your plan if needed to further support your goals.
This session may also be appropriate for clients who just require an expert opinion and dietary intervention to support their efforts.

Shop Right-Group of 4

Our expert Dietitian will take you around your local supermarket to help you make the healthy choice the Right choice.
In an hour we cover:
-Label reading
- Making healthy choices for you and your family
- How to prevent falling for supermarket tricks!
- Anything else you would like to cover.

Right One (45 Min.)

All it takes is one RIGHT consultation to start your success story. In this RIGHT ONE session our Dietitian will complete an in-depth assessment of your current lifestyle.
The Dietitian will set goals with you and prepare a personalised plan to support your endeavors.