Muscle & Fa[c]t’s

The Rugby World Cup has allowed men with muscles and well toned bodies invade our homes through our television screens.
I often get queried if these players are blessed genetically we ‘the common souls’ can ever attain these bodies and my answer to the question is ‘Yes’.

These players are normal human beings too and these well toned bodies are a result of special training, dietary advice, hard work and an unfailing approach. Although genetics and body frame does play an important part, it is the hard work, discipline and relentless efforts which hold the key to their success.

So how does one achieve a body like this?

In my previous article I have referred to muscle as ‘the body’s gold’ and this is completely true. Muscle is truly, a reflection of our body’s precious stores.

The basic fact is that both muscle and fat are entirely different component of our body composition and can not be compared.

Muscle is heavier than fat and the only way to drop fat and gain muscle is by eating a healthy balanced diet and burning off any excess calories. Weight bearing exercises combined with a balanced amount of protein and carbohydrates is what we need to include in our daily diet.

A healthy well balanced diet plays an important role in our efforts. Meals rich in fibre, moderate protein and small carbohydrate portions are ideal to keep us healthy.

A good combination of a healthy balanced diet and physical conditioning leads to the desired outcomes.

At times when we lose fat and gain muscle through our efforts in the gym, the loss does not reflect on the weighing scale leading to a drop in our morale, however the important fact is that even if you are feeling better and slimmer it is an indication of losing some fat and gaining muscle and an unswerving approach is the key to view positive results.

Age is also said to be relative to weight, as we grow older we tend to gain weight. The popular belief is that this is a direct consequence of eating more and / or leading a relaxed lifestyle. However this may not be entirely true. One of the main causes of weight gain as we grow older is the reduction in muscle mass also known as lean body mass. So include physical activities like walking and light exercises to maintain a balance. Please consult a specialist or a heath professional before indulging in physical activities or changing your diet patterns.

I have seen great results in my clients especially in women post pregnancy. These women have managed to get back into their pre-pregnancy bodies or attained even better post delivery, which in general perception is “Not Possible” for many women. These results have been achieved through their disciplined efforts combined with grit, determination and professional guidance.

Consistency is important to achieve outstanding results whether its weight loss or muscle building, There are no quick fixes and short cuts lead you nowhere, even if they do, they have a short life.

As it is said “If you wish for it, you can achieve it and it is never too late to make a new start.

Till next time – Be happy and Go All Blacks !!!

This article is a general guideline ONLY, if you have any medical condition and for individual conditions you should consult a health professional or your medical practitioner immediately.

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