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Last week I caught up with some of my clients, few who have successfully lost weight and five who dropped out, I asked each one of them to write down five key reasons why they succeeded or why they did not continue.

The end result is that I managed to source some real gold nuggets and was able to identify some very distinct trends, some of which I will share with you’ll today and by the end of this year, I will publish an e-copy titled ‘Succeed with your intent’. This will be a free e-book and will capture all my findings and much more that will motivate and inspire you to achieve your intent, this will be available EXCLUSIVELY for registered members of DIETRIGHT only. [if you have received this email, then you will receive a free copy too]

Below are the top reasons that they listed

  • Why – the most common element amongst all the successful clients was they all had a strong ‘Why’. Your medical condition can be a very strong ‘Why’ however that is not an ideal state. To succeed define your ‘Why’, it could be as simple as ‘I want to be a role model for my kids’.
  • What – once they knew the ‘why’ they identified ‘what’ they needed to do to achieve their intent, they took the step to seek professional advice and also followed the plan as agreed.
  • How – the most important factor was they worked with the ‘how’.  Through a combination of professionally defined healthy eating plan combined with physical activity regularly and consistently, they managed to change their lifestyle which resulted in successful outcomes.
  • Persistence – People who did not achieve their goals attributed this primarily to their own lack of focus, they agreed they had the means and all the support but what they required was the focus and the drive to persist.

As mentioned these are just a few findings, the team at DIETRIGHT is continuing to interview more clients to include as many tips in the e-book, if you want to contribute by sharing your experience, email me and my team will be in touch with you to capture your ideas.

NOTE: This article is a general guideline only, it is always important you seek expert guidance from a health professional to manage your individual requirement.

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