Lose Weight – Know it how

‘Can I get an easy and a quick way to lose weight?

This is what all aspiring weight losers wish for as soon as they realise the need to lose weight. Well to be honest there are no quick fixes and one needs to identify the reasons for the weight gain with help of a health professional before they can identify the path to lose it the right way, however today let us look at some key areas that one can focus to attain and maintain good health.

Go Light

One of the easiest ways to reduce is by way of managing your intake, a smart way of replacing or reducing what you eat is by switching to lighter options. Switch to low calorie food that you crave for. A creamy frappe, milkshake or a latte tastes the same with low fat milk and your body feels healthier with the lighter versions.

Drinks are another area where you can go light too, replace your drinks with sugar free options if you really need to have them and for the hard-core fanatics of the high calorie drink, try mixing your drink with the low calorie versions to reduce the effect.

Add More

While you are eliminating calories based on the first tip, remember to add more to your diet. Adding fibre to the diet is a good option as this helps maintain satiety (feeling full). Fruits, vegetables and grains are good sources of fibre.

Add your favourite fruits to your shopping bag and add these to your breakfast or your lunch box. Add veges in your soups, casseroles, stir fry’s and curries. Nuts in your salad can add variety and provides better nutritional value too.

Adding is always better than reducing when trying to lose weight, however it is important that you know what and how much you are adding, the key is in maintaining balance and getting it right.

Go Physical

Every activity counts, add physical activity to your lifestyle. Be creative when going physical.
• Park your car a few blocks away and walk to work or walk around the block at lunch time
• Try the push mower to the electric version.
• Take the stairs and avoid escalators when shopping at the mall or at every opportunity you get.
• Go for a run or walk, join community walking groups.
• Dance in groups or in the comfort of your home.
• Wash your car and take advantage of the weather to hit the gardens.
• Involve yourself in outdoor sports and spend quality time with kids in the park or at the sports ground.
You may have some more ideas, share with your friends and help them with their goals too.

Downsize Now

It is the age of value for money and everything is served BIG. Our plates / platters have gone a dramatic makeover over the years and sizes have grown more than double. When eating out try to make reasonable choices and check the serving sizes, where needed share with someone or get the left over packed.

When eating at home use a smaller plate or bowl as it gives your brain a signal of ‘adequacy’. The same amount of food in a smaller plate feels more than when served in a large plate.

Patience is the Key

If you want to be a ‘successful loser’ then changing lifestyle and patience is the key remember there are no quick fixes. Little things add up so keep the balance and add little things like eating small portions and adding small physical activities to your routine. Losing weight is a journey and you can reach your destination successfully with practice and it only gets easier with time.

Till next time….eat Right, stay calm and work it out…

This article is a general guideline ONLY, if you have any medical condition and for individual conditions you should consult a health professional or your medical practitioner immediately.

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