Go Green !

Mothers and Grandmothers always insisted that we ate as much greens as we can, however a common dislike that I encounter in clients who consult me, is adding green in their plates, be it spinach or bitter gourd….they generally dislike these.
Green foods are healthier options available among different food groups. Green leafy vegetables are ideal for weight management as they are low in fat, high in dietary fibre, and rich in vitamins and minerals. There has been evidence to show that these show a positive reduction in risk of cancers and heart disease.

Another significant benefit of eating greens is its impact on the digestive system due to the fibre content. Eating more fibre is beneficial for the gut and keeps your digestive system healthy.

Greens such as broccoli are particularly fortifying. Accustom yourself to the good greens in your daily cuisine. Adding more green vegetables to your daily meals will show a positive difference soon. Introduce veggies, especially the greens to kids at an earlier age as this helps them to develop a taste and liking which will be beneficial for them in their later years.

When trying to add more greens to your diet there are multiple ways to accomplish this, the obvious way is through consuming salads, however there are other ways like stir-fry, soups, roasted or grilled, anything that works for you. Latest trends have seen an advent of having greens by way of juices and smoothies too, adding a fresh fruit to green or veggie juice makes it even more palatable and refreshing.

Eating greens can be a challenge; for more interesting and tasty options pick up a cook book, you’ll be surprised at the number of books available with variety of options to make greens more interesting and tasty.

There are many green vegetables available throughout winter. When shopping for greens, freshness is the key. Look for bright green leaves avoid anything wilted or soggy-looking. At home, store them in a bag before placing them in the refrigerator; this will help preserve its freshness.

It’s ideal to buy seasonal greens, as they can be bought fresh and at times you can buy them at bargain prices too. Organic greens are becoming more popular; choose them when available, have a look at the organic shop at the local farmers market and try something different.

Follow the 5+ a day rule, so when you visit the supermarket next, fill your trolley with loads of freshness to give your health a kick start.

Remember Green is good!!!

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This article is a general guideline ONLY, if you have any medical condition and for individual conditions you should consult a health professional or your medical practitioner immediately.

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