Last week at a dinner function someone asked me if stress can lead to weight gain and my response was ‘sadly, YES, stress often leads to weight gain’.
Stress is an extremely grim reality of our modern-day life; emotional cravings is a major factor in weight gain due to stress. When we experience stress, we generally tend to lean towards sugary, fatty and feel-good foods to lift our spirits and we know all these food types lead to weight gain.Excessive stress also affects fat storage in the body causing elevated risks of other undesirable health conditions.

Below are three quick ways to alleviate stress and control unhealthy food intake

  • Physical activity – You need to build up the motivation to work-out more often when you are experiencing stress at work or home, exercising regularly helps increase your metabolism and helps you stay fresh and manage your stress effectively.
  • Mind control – Meditation is a good practice to control your mind and enhance your mental well-being. It helps you relax and refresh your mind & body. It is also known to control emotional cravings and positively influence eating habits.
  • Pick a hobby – Find things that are unrelated to food and which bring joy to you, meet a friend, go for a walk, play with your pet, get outdoors with your family, play an instrument, anything that helps you unwind. Finding an activity that you enjoy will help you relax and keep you away from binge-eating

Stress is a part of our life and it is important we identify signals that the body gives and immediately seek professional advice, it is highly risky to ignore as it can cause long term impacts. Remember, it is OK to ask for help and if you see signs of stress in your friend, family member or colleague, please support them as that can be life-changing for them.

Till next time EAT RIGHT BE HEALTHY and ALWAYS SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP when you feel stressed.

NOTE: This article is a general guideline only, it is always important you seek expert guidance from a health professional to manage your individual requirement.
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