Eating Out’ Right

Eating healthy can be challenging, add to this, all those social occasions & events when you have to eat out. Maintaining the right food balance and sticking to your plans can be difficult.

I was speaking with Anna, a corporate banker by profession, she is very conscious of what she eats and wanted advice on eating healthy, especially when eating out.

Below are a few tips that I shared with Anna which I think can be beneficial for all.

  • Grab a quick snack before you leave for any social event.
  • When eating out ask for options i.e. ask to reduce cheese from a pizza or dressing on the side, when ordering a salad.
  • Steamed, broiled, baked, grilled are good options to select.
  • Stay away from adding extra salt or sugar to your dishes.
  • Watch your drink consumption and when possible just stick to drinking water.
  • Add some more physical activity to burn off the extra calories.

It is imperative that you consult a professional if you are seeking more specific options, this will enable you to remain on-track and achieve success.


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