It’s that time of the year when grocery stores and supermarket aisles are loaded with chocolate filled Easter eggs along with tempting whiff from freshly baked hot X buns. With temptation all around, it can be very hard to remain on track and eat healthy.

Below I have listed my top tips for keeping you away from feeling guilty and over-indulgence during this Easter.


  • Choose Right: Many of us have a sweet tooth and it is very easy to give in to our lure. Now if you really crave to dig into chocolate this Easter, remember to choose a small portion and pick a healthier option, pick a small piece of dark chocolate or use a tiny spread of margarine on your hot X bun.
  • Cheat Right: Make Easter your cheat day and enjoy a hot X bun or chocolate filled Easter egg. If you have enjoyed these extra treats use the long weekend to add an extra run in the park or play a sport with your family to burn off those extra calories.
  • Say ‘No’ nicely: It is always ideal to have a plan on responding to offers of treats from family and friends. Remember you have the option to decline a treat, use the right words and be honest, tell them how you have been working to achieve your goals and how by indulging in these treats can jeopardize your efforts. If conveyed politely, most people will understand and support you with your goals.
  • Eat Right: Keep your treats to the minimum and fill your family gatherings with loads of healthy and fresh foods, fruits and greens. Use superfoods to make and bake your own goodies.

The team at Dietright wishes you all an awesome break, we will be back with you after the long weekend, till then EAT RIGHT BE HEALTHY and enjoy a healthy & guilt-free Easter.

NOTE: This article is a general guideline only, it is always important you seek expert guidance from a health professional to manage your individual requirement.

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