It’s that time of the year when grocery stores and supermarket aisles are loaded with chocolate filled Easter eggs along with tempting whiff from freshly baked hot X buns. With temptation all around, it can be very hard to remain on track and eat healthy. Below I have listed my top tips for keeping you away […]

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Silly Season… beat the challenges!!!

It is again that time of the year when you want to just eat, drink and be merry. Christmas is a time for celebration and fun, time to dig in to all the puddings and treats which are presented to us laden with love and cream, even before we realize, our current wardrobe might face […]

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Is your food making you happy or sad?

If someone told you “Oh…my food makes me feel happy” your immediate reaction would be “Have you had your pills?”…. think hard and you may find that this could be true for you too. Food can impact moods and generally this is attributed to taste, aroma and even texture. It can make you feel good […]

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